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   My first spanking fantasy was in 2nd grade. I have no idea where it came from, I was never spanked as a child.

   When I was 13 years old a neighborhood girl (she was a tom boy) talked me into letting her into the neighborhood hangout, my basement. I showed her the train-set, slot car-set, the music and where we played cards. We wound up playing a card game where the loser got spanked. (ask me for details when you see me, I love reliving that very exciting time of my life.) We played this game for about a year and a half, eventually spanking each other on our bare bottoms.

   I started my adult spanking in 1976, with a girl friend who was not "into the scene," but she was into getting spanked during sex. I have been lucky enough to be able to go to every club that has ever existed in N.Y.C. where I played spanking games with many women. In 1984 I opened paddles. My emphasis has always been on spanking, hence the name "Paddles."

   I have spanked hundreds of beautiful bottoms in the 20 years that I owned paddles, honing my skills and techniques. It's a job, but someone has to do it. I am not the mad father, teacher, or principal who just wants to hurt the spankee. I do not throw the bad girl over my knee, rip-up her short skirt, pull down her panties and spank her as hard as I can for 3 minuets. That's not my style.

   I love to spank why would I want to stop in 3 minutes? I talk to the spankee about how naughty she has been. I lecture her about the benefits of being a good girl. I inform her that she is getting a spanking because I want her to be a good girl and not get into trouble. I'm a loving daddy to many naughty girls. I always gently pull her over my knee, making sure she is comfortable. That's important since she will be over my knee for over an hour. I start slowly and lightly over her short plaid skirt. As my big right hand spanks her bottom, my left hand rubs her back and head reassuring her that I am not mad, I just want her to be a good girl. I spank repeatedly from one cheek to the other. Occasionally I pull up her skirt, just to prepare her for the inevitable.

  After 25 or 30 minutes I do pull up her skirt and spank her over her white panties at the same pace. I continuously speak to her about being a good girl. I tell her to not think of anything except my hand spanking her bottom. This way she may remember the spanking longer. I spank a little faster and harder for another 20 or 30 minutes.

   I stop rubbing her head and inform her once again that this is for her own good. I can feel the heat though her panties as I lower them to her knees. Holding her firmly I spank her bare bottom harder, moving around, making every square inch bright red. I spank to a pre-determined amount of redness according to the seriousness of the infraction. When I determine that she has been spanked enough. I pull her up to sit on my lap, hugging and rubbing, I decide if she needs "corner time."

   As you can most likely figure-out, I love spanking. I don't think that there is enough spanking in the world (between consenting adults). any naughty girls out there with spanking questions or needs, please e-mail me.

See you soon,


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